Visual Artist & Music Producer based in London, UK, working in high-end Visual Effects & Motion Design as a Creative Director, VFX Designer, and hands-on Digital Artist.

My work is featured in a long list of award-winning commercials and branding for clients such as Nike, PlayStation, BMW, Vodafone, Honda, Channel 4 and others. My directing & design work has been shown in ARTE tv Tracks, Ars Electronica Animation Festival / Best Of Electronic Theatre, and published in IdN Magazine, Dynamic Logo, New Graphic Design (The 100 Best Contemporary Graphic Designers).

Currently a close collaborator of Time Based Arts for advertising and film work, where I specialize in designing and producing visual effects that require a strong design approach and development.

Member of the artistic collective MONTXU, formed in 2013 to explore geometric forms and their relationship with light.

I like to get involved in projects where there is room to explore and experiment, whether is minimalistic design or complex VFX, just love the search process! and coming up with unique treatments, visuals, and sounds.

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