I don't do a lot of pack work these days, but when TBA presented me with the opportunity to work on this project directed by Kim Gehrig, I couldn't resist. It was like, 'Boom! How can I not be a part of this?' Originally, they had shot all the pack images in-camera, but due to some packaging design changes, TBA asked me to recreate all five pack shots from scratch in CGI.

I started by meticulously matching the shot's materials and then took it a step further, making it look even sexier than the real thing – that's what you call hyper-realism, right? I really had a blast working on the finer details, ensuring the textures were spot-on, matching the lighting setup used during the shoot, and even diving into the world of macro photography for some stunning results.

Agency: VCCP
Production Company: Somesuch
Director: Kim Gehrig
Post-Production: Time Based Arts


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