I designed and produced the Ancient Stone Lock featured in the 6 shots cave sequence of the Playstation 5 launch spot. My brief was to create a stone-made structure that would instantly read as some sort of ancient yet advanced alien/gate/lock mechanism. After many designs and iterations, it developed into a geometrical stone flow effect, where layers of looping obsidian rings would rotate and flow, creating complex obstruction timings that could only be unlocked by someone with perfect timing and skills.

I wanted the lock to feel integrated with the cave, so the alien-made, pure geometrical shapes would transition seamlessly out of the natural jagged stone walls.

As well as the lock, I also did look dev and R&D for the icy section of the spot. 

Client: Playstation
Creative Agency: Adam&EveDDB
Director: Dan DiFelice
Post-Production: Time Based Arts


Look dev & RnD tests on ice and light scattering.

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